Sleep soundly.

One of the best ways to get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer is by creating a peaceful, relaxing environment, free of distractions. Using sounds specifically designed to soothe the mind and body is one of the easiest ways to turn any space into one of rest and tranquility.

Sleep is a basic, human need and a significant part of maintaining our well-being. When we get a good night’s rest we focus better, eat better, and live with greater energy and resilience. But as we age, disruptions to our sleeping patterns and quality of rest can become more common. Add declining health and increased use of medications, and our ability to get a good night’s rest becomes an even bigger challenge.

Sleep Facts for Adults 65+

  • report insomnia symptoms

  • rely on sleep medications

“The recorded change in sleep patterns is inspiring.”
Melody K., Director of Memory Support

In 2021, Composure conducted a first-of-it’s-kind sleep study with memory support residents in senior living. The study, designed and executed with The Center for Health Design and conducted at Meadow View at Garden Spot Village, measured the impact of Composure’s sounds on sleep quality and duration for people with dementia, a disease commonly known to disrupt sleep. Our curated sleep treatment soundscapes were designed to:

  • gently cue bedtime

  • relax and focus their mind and body

  • promote and support more restorative sleep through the night

The results? Clear and significant improvements to residents’ quality of life. Detailed findings will soon be under peer-review for publication.

We are working to make our personalized, responsive “Sound Blanket” technology available for everyone. Be the first to know when becomes available.

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