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The sound of well-being

Better quality of life, care and communication through music and sound.

Personalized soundscapes that help care recipients and care teams reconnect with themselves, and each other.

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Just press play

We deliver custom, dynamic blends of instrumental music and nature sounds that are personalized for each user and their desired outcomes…with the press of a button.

Choose your current mood, situation or activity, and instantly stream personalized “Sonic Journeys” that meet you where you are and gently take you where you want to be.

How it works

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Measure the mood

Composure helps caregivers improve quality of care using timely and actionable data.

Care recipients are often hesitant to open up about their well-being. We remove the guesswork, helping catch trends early, and improve overall communication with those in their care, their families, and fellow team members.

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We work with what you work with

We are 100% web-based. Easily access our entire platform using any device web browser.

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Why sound?

What we hear affects our mental, physical and neurological health. Decades of research validates the transformative impact of music and sound on overall well-being.

Composure’s sounds are:

  • Designed to be supportive, keeping the focus where it’s needed most
  • Simple to use, free of operational complexity or additional demands on staff
  • Royalty-free, economically scalable, and continuously optimized

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Better quality of life, care, and communication through music and sound.