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About Us

“Music is something terribly special. It doesn’t have to pass through the censor of the brain… it goes directly to the heart.”
– Leonard Bernstein

Composure is a digital platform aimed at improving well-being through purposeful and intentional use of sound. We believe music and sound are vital for living a higher quality of life, and have the power to connect us to ourselves and to one another, helping us thrive.

Our Why

When co-founder Jeff McSpadden’s dad found himself in the hospital, it was difficult for him as a fiercely independent person to deal with the vulnerability that comes with being a patient. He spoke about how hard it was to get decent rest with the constant din of machines and continuous noises and voices around him, and was left feeling frustrated that he couldn’t do much to improve his own in-care experience. All in all, he felt it was not an ideal environment for healing.

Jeff’s grandmother suffered from dementia in her final years, and sadly, there was little anyone could do to ease the agitation and disorientation dementia brings. She went from being a bright and engaged member of her community to spending her days feeling out of control, disconnected from herself, from her loved ones, and from her environment.

We created Composure to support those during their most vulnerable times of life. To help them take control of their own well-being through the power of sound. We also aim to support caregivers with tools and information that improve awareness, empathy, communication and quality of care.

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Our Story

Jeff and Roland met at a tech-focused Meetup – one out of hundreds of similar events hosted in NYC every year. Jeff was there to learn and network, and Roland was the guest speaker. The two instantly hit it off and during the earliest days of Composure, Jeff quickly found Roland to be an irreplaceable resource of UX/UI design expertise. Roland’s endless supply of energy and enthusiasm for Composure’s mission prompted Jeff to invite him to come on board. The rest is, well, a continued work in progress around a shared goal of improving people’s lives through sound.

Illustration portrait of Jeff McSpadden

Jeff McSpadden

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“Music isn’t entertainment, it’s communication. It carries signals we can all understand, reminding us of what it means to be human, and that we’re all in it together.”

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Illustration portrait of Roland Dubois

Roland Dubois

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

“I want to create a world that’s more inclusive and universal, not because it’s easy or trendy, but because it conveys a cultural and moral message of a society we want to live in.”

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Better quality of life, care, and communication through music and sound.