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The journey to well-being starts here

Composure’s custom soundscapes help individuals and caregivers improve overall well-being.

For IndividualsFor Caregivers

“I can see the change in stress levels and even levels of comfort when they are resting or in need of time to decompress.”
Laura G., Director of Activities

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Map your mood

With a few simple taps, tell us how you’re feeling and set your desired mood. Our system instantly creates a sequence of sounds made just for you.

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Embark on your “Sonic Journey”

Personalized soundscapes support and gently guide you toward your desired mood. Strike the perfect tone while getting going in the morning, as background during daily activities, or for winding down at the end of a busy day.

Woman next to smart speaker smiling using mobile device to use app.

Take it all in

Once your “Sonic Journey” has completed, tell us how you’re feeling now. View your results in the dashboard to see the directions your mood has taken.

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Flexibility at your fingertips

Quickly choose who and what to support with sound. Whether for an individual or group, playing sounds to support common daily situations and activities and achieve desired outcomes has never been easier.

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Stay in the know

Composure provides well-being data for individuals and groups each time the app is used. Evaluating and monitoring your community’s well-being is easier and more timely, allowing staff to focus on improving care and engagement.

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Stronger communication
Stronger communities

Our data helps caregivers improve communication with care recipients, families and other team members and stakeholders. Having everyone on the same page strengthens community, making a healthier environment for all.

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Better quality of life, care, and communication through music and sound.