Meet the Founders

Illustration portrait of Jeff McSpadden

Jeff McSpadden

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“Music isn’t entertainment, it’s communication. It carries signals we can all understand, reminding us of what it means to be human, and that we’re all in it together.”

Lone Star to Big Apple

Young kids growing up in Dallas, TX don’t typically listen to Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman. But that, along with a healthy dose of The Beatles, was Jeff’s chosen soundtrack. As a kid, Jeff could often be found noodling around on his family’s electric organ, teaching himself guitar, or banging on throw pillows he’d arranged into makeshift drum kits. He simply loved music, and began pouring that passion into the trumpet at the age of 12. By 17, he was appearing in jazz venues around town.

Soon after high school, Jeff moved to NYC to earn his degree in Music Performance from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. While performing in various bands, Jeff developed a passion for writing music and took every opportunity to compose, arrange, and record. This led to a 15-year career as a composer, writing original scores for major networks like NBC, CBS, PBS, HBO, AMC, and for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Verizon, Toshiba, and Ford, as well as scoring independent films and album projects.

Marrying Music and Technology

Having worked in traditional media, Jeff began shifting his focus towards innovation and adaptability with the idea that music, assisted by technology, could play a major role in improving people’s health and overall well-being. During his participation in renowned tech incubator, YCombinator’s Startup School, Jeff shaped his earliest concepts into what is now Composure.

When he’s not leading the charge at Composure or composing new music, Jeff can be found on long walks with his wife and two kids in his NYC neighborhood, or binge-watching dramedy series while doubling as a suitable seat warmer for Max, and food dispenser for Willow, the family cats.

Illustration portrait of Roland Dubois

Roland Dubois

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

“I want to create a world that’s more inclusive and universal, not because it’s easy or trendy, but because it conveys a cultural and moral message of a society we want to live in.”

Tinker, Tailor, Designer, Coder

As a child, he was always excited about stories: books, movies…things that moved people, made them think differently and examine the status quo. Growing up in Munich, Germany, Roland was the kid who built his own computer. A constant tinkerer and engineer at heart, that energy has been focused into a passion for UX and UI design in order to create things that are more inclusive and human-centered.

Creating an Accessible World

Having built his own design shop, as well as worked with the world’s leading brands like Siemens/Benq, the New York Times, the NFL, Samsung and Scholastic, Roland’s work is characterized by semantic web development with web standards; cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility; and progressive enhancement. He’s received awards for mobile app innovation and inclusive, accessibility design projects in virtual reality and is also an Adjunct Faculty Teacher at SVA for Immersive Design (AR/VR/XR).

A graduate of the University of Applied Sciences Munich, Roland left the mountains of South Germany for the beauty of the Manhattan shoreline, aka Jersey City, where he lives with his fluffy Papillon, Pixel. Roland is trilingual, an ADTV-certified ballroom dancer, and a marathon runner (coincidentally trained in welding), who’s hiked four continents. He also makes an epic vegan gelato.

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